Thetford Charities

Making a Difference in the Lives of the Disadvantaged

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Sometimes were born in circumstances where we have no choice but to continue you on to survive. Sometimes feeling love, other times feeling loss and sorrow. Trials can over come you and enduring them can seem hopeless. I believe God blessed me from the time I was little with the seed to love. I believe the trials we go through. Abuse, Rape, Cancer, Neglect, Alcoholism, Traumatic Brain Injury,being barren, divorce, Suicide, Porno, Disabilities and PTSD. The outcome does not have to be things we endure and trials we face in life. But it can be a building block to overcome in time and empower us for hope and faith in the things and joys to come. I hope to share my story with you. It’s all I have to give. It’s my last gift of love for all.

The Purpose of Thetford Charities is to Provide Health, Education, and Financial Assistance to the Homeless and Financially Hardshipped.